Custom Builds

Stop Using Extension Cords Around Your House

Stop Using Extension Cords Around Your House

Install custom electrical work in Gastonia, NC & Lake Wylie, SC

An electrical system that wasn't designed for your needs can lead to all kinds of problems. You might try to plug in a new appliance, only for your breaker to trip. Or, maybe you don't have enough outlets for your office or bedroom.

M&R Electrical Services LLC can complete custom electrical work for your home in Gastonia, NC or Lake Wylie, SC. Our electrician will work with you to make sure your electrical system supports all of your electrical wants and needs.

Whether you're installing a new electrical system or upgrading an old one, we can help. Get custom electrical work by contacting us today.

Upgrade your home with more power

Your electrical panel can only provide so much power to your home. If you trip a breaker every time you try to use appliances, consider upgrading your electrical system. Our electrician can update your home with...

  • An electrical panel upgrade
  • New and improved wiring or outlets
  • Extra circuits to help distribute power

If you're not sure what updates your house needs, our electrician can make recommendations. Call 704-323-9009 to schedule an appointment in Gastonia, NC or Lake Wylie, SC.